About Us

The history of jewellery making goes back thousands of years. Jewellery has always been an important part of of human cultures, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to each of us. Jewellery can have various symbols that hold varying meanings. Choosing jewellery that holds meaning is a great way to remind yourself of an idea or to communicate to others the values that you hold in a concise, visual fashion.Weddings rings passed down through families remind people of their heritage, while some collect pieces of jewellery to remind them of their travels or a specific event in their life. Most of us wear jewellery because we like how it looks. Wearing jewellery can be a way to express oneself, to complete an outfit and to make a statement.Often there is more than one reason why we wear a certain piece.
A Jeweller is an artisan who uses metals, gems and many other materials to create adornments for the body. They might also be called upon to repair, adjust, clean and appraise pieces of jewellery. Although the term Bench Jeweller is a contemporary term with vague meaning, it is often is used to describe a jeweller who has a large set of skills. They have knowledge of stone setting, metal work, casting and other skills that widen their abilities in this micro art form.
Andrew Scott has an Island based jewellery workshop, FIRE+ORE , creating unique and individual custom designs in precious metals. He trained in Hatton Garden at R Glick Ltd of St Cross St, from 1974 – 1980.   Primarily as a Diamond mounter, learning to hand build the settings and mounts for  precious stones. Lucky to be the only apprentice in a workshop of only five individuals, he was able to absorb the knowledge of his fellow craftsmen learning their individual skills. From this training Andrew was been able to set up his own workshop and work as a Bench jeweller  in the UK and Channel Islands ever since.  Andrew has maintained a workshop and part time production of individual pieces since moving to Alderney in 2001. He is now full time once again, making, re-designing and repairing all aspects of jewellery.Using traditional techniques and hand tools to forge precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones into jewels to be loved for generations. Andrew has a  passion for the unusual when it comes to gems and minerals. Sourcing stones from around the world, Andrew works with his clients to find the perfect gem to reflect their vision and then turn it into reality. The value not necessarily being the material used but the finished jewel.Andrew can create personalised commissions but also has items for sale created in the workshop on Alderney. The sea and surrounding landscape and never ending source of inspiration.Renovating and re-modelling those unloved and unworn pieces providing a very popular aspect of his work. The workshop can repair and renovate a wide range of jewellery and associated items using techniques and contacts acquired over 44 years experience.